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16/11/2018by Noemí0

Spring’s warmer weather and natural beauty make it the perfect season to say «I do.» Whether you’re a classic and simple bride or going for more of customized look.

Our team will create a customized look, inspired to compliment your features and fit your lifestyle. All our haircuts include a complimentary stress-relieving head, neck and shoulder massage, hand massage, makeup finishing touch or a facial refresh for our male guests.

Our color specialists stay in the forefront with continued education in the latest color techniques. Our color services include a massage and a makeup touch-up. Prices may vary based on your Stylist’s experience and advanced education, as well as your hair condition and quantity. Please consult with a service team member for more information.


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Kapilaria es un concepto novedoso dentro del sector de la peluquería que nace de la unión de la necesidad en distintos factores sociales, profesionales y personales. Kapilaria es el resultado de mas de 30 años de experiencia y crecimiento ayudando a personas a mejorar su salud capilar.

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